Our ingredient ecosystem fosters connections between farmers and brands that enable ingredients to be celebrated for their biodiversity rather than as commodities. Through collaboration we foster knowledge sharing, access and agency that creates economic value from biodiversity and progressive practices, enabling further sustainability and resilience.

Meet some of the partners in our Ecosystem

J-Palm Liberia

Transforming artisanal wild palm oil production with new technology and new markets.

8 Degrees North

Shared value palm oil exclusively sourced from smallholder farmers.

Camino Verde

Restoring Peruvian rainforests through innovative regenerative agroforestry, in partnership with Amazonian indigenous communities and smallholders. 

Fairsource Botanicals

Sourcing wild-harvested products in ways that are regenerative ecologically, socially and economically.

Dayaxa Frankincense Export Company

Harvesting products sustainably and working closely with farmers to achieve fair prices and improved living standards.


Provides comprehensive and measurable accountability for critical supply chains.


United States African Development Fund


West African Trade and Investment Hub