At Silvan we are a partner; we are successful when we meet the needs of our brand partners and our ingredient partners. Our experience has shown us that there are often gaps between the best brands and the best ingredient suppliers, these gaps can take many forms, technical, operational, communication, financial. Our role is to fill those gaps so that sustainable relationships can thrive.

Some of the ingredients in our Ecosystem

Palm Oil

The world’s most used vegetable oil produced sustainably, exclusively with African smallholder farmers.  Every step of the production process is captured on the blockchain bringing a new level of transparency to a previously challenging ingredient.

Palm Kernel

Processed from wild harvested palm fruit, the first of its kind to be commercially available.  This oil is revolutionarily sustainable, organic and socially inclusive making this ingredient grower a market leader for a highly versatile oil.

Frankincense Sacra

Working directly with the harvesters, our partners have spent nearly 20 years working with the government of Oman to promote sustainable harvesting, propagation and regeneration, and fair compensation to all in the supply chain. 


Famed, coveted and earthy, this traditional essential oil can now be sourced with full transparency from indigenous communities.

Frankincense Frereana

Known as the “King of Frankincense”, these trees are found only in Somaliland and Puntland, where middle men often extract the majority of the value and exploit harvesting communities. Instead, our partners source directly from harvesting communities, guaranteeing that fair payments are made while monitoring tree health.

Frankincense Dalzieli

This is one of the rarer frankincense species, and historically in Burkina Faso the bark has been stripped from the trees rather than using the resin. Bark stripping is extremely damaging to the tree, and by promoting trade in resin there is increased economic incentive to farm the trees more sustainably.

Frankincense Carteri

The gold standard for frankincense essential oil, an intoxicating aromatic with centuries of diverse use.  This essential oil is fully traceable and is part of a major regenerative sourcing project.

Palo Santo

A sacred and unforgettable aromatic which is both a classic scent and a highly on-trend ingredient.  This ingredient is wild harvested with traditional communities and is both traceable and sustainable.


A prized scent from an endangered species, now being reintroduced to markets through regenerative agroforestry.  One of the only CITES-approved Rosewood oils available from Peru, the ingredient grower is spearheading the reforestation of this keystone species in the Amazon.


A new, more sustainable use for a tree that was previously felled for its timber and medicinal bark, this oil creates an incentive to reforest rather than cut down trees in the Peruvian Amazon, while simultaneously delivering an entirely new scent to the essential oils market.